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Old 10-27-2008, 04:54 PM
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Default Re: Intolerable Failure

Well that just makes you a Kaus-ian neoliberal, if true.

There's a point about this, and basically I need to say something that can seem very disingenuous. It is possible (in fact I take your word for it!) that you in fact are a market-liberal-ish guy. There are a lot of people like that, I know. But it doesn't change the fact that the main thrust of the greater multifaceted social meta-organism that is "the left" or "left-liberals" is a desire to achieve results in social/economic equality, relationships between the individual and the collective/state, etc., nor the fact that they have a fundamental difference in opinion in what rights people have and what freedom means (positive/negative etc.). The disingenuous part is just that a lot of people may be moderate, but without pull from the other side or the need to compromise, they might never meet a leftish impulse they didn't like. Of course this is also true of conservatives who actually support a fairly liberal society, but if ideologues were able to continually press the national greatness/social cohesion/virtue/purity buttons they'd never quite find a reason to resist. I guess this is all just an argument for why sweeping generalizations about what animates people aren't entirely worthless.

And btw, unfettered capitalism certainly DOES lead to monopolies. I'm fairly certain that's inarguable at this point, and Matt Welch spent quite a bit of time in the diavlog railing against trusting corporate success stories to somehow be evenhanded in government, which I should take to mean he's no lover of corporate power.
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