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Old 09-02-2008, 07:27 PM
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Default Re: A Born-Again Experience

Wow. Just wow. Here we gooooo......

Live blogging the diavlog: Hewitt's repeated appeals to international consensus will doubtlessly be the first fish in the barrel to be shot.

20:05 - Re: Hewitt's repeated use of "rape of Georgia." Hugh Hewitt is the political type who just has absolutely no problem using that kind of overheated, too-clever-by-half phrasing. The weird thing is, in a way it sort of weirdly comes off as self-honest. Like he knows he's doing it, he knows we know he knows he's doing it, and he means for us to know he knows we know he's doing it.

21:53 - "When they tell us to go, we'll go." Of course the catch is that we get to decide when there's a "they" legitimate enough to listen to.

24:41 - Re: Best motives in removing Allende, this brings us back to the Yglesian distinction between expressive morality and actual results. And what an example it is. Even granting for the moment the idea that removing Allende was "for the best," notice the huge gap between intention the moral horror of the result. And he almost alluded to it, backhandedly, by the defensive note in his voice. That is a spacious gap. It has presence.

25:55 - In the interest of fairness, I'll note that Bob just, slightly gallingly, summed up the problem with Castroism as a question of economics.

28:16 - As silly and simplistic as Hugh Hewitt's what-we-do-is-the-right-thing-and-we-should-do-the-right-thing logic is, repeated over and over, I have to kind of agree that not enough thought goes into what would have happened in Iraq. The answer will probably be nowhere near as glib as Hewitt's, but you so rarely see really well thought out take on what the other branches of the decision tree would have looked like. That we're worse off has always been presented to me as just an axiom. I've never seen really good arguments for it. Maybe that's just me though, and I'm less anti-Iraq war than most guys here so I'll probably get kicked around for this.

29:21 - In a fit of reverie, I just wondered if Hewitt has ever gone up against "frequent guest" Hitchens on the issue of early 70s Chile. I would have liked to have seen/heard that.

35:15 - It just struck me that I've never heard anyone (even on the right) argue that if Georgia was in NATO Russia would have been less likely to have crossed the line. I'm not saying that's a convincing case for expanding NATO, I'm just saying it seems like an obvious point. I've heard the see-what-would-we-have-done question asked a million times.

42:45 - I would REALLY like us to expend some political capital on getting China to let South Korea take in North Korean refugees. This isn't brought up enough or pushed hard enough. That is all.

50:26 - Look, I love Tolkien. But right-wingers have GOT to stop bringing up the Lord of the Rings. It really does bad things for projecting seriousness.

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