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Old 07-21-2008, 02:48 PM
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Default Will's comment that he can't remember jokes

Will's comment that he can't remember jokes reminds me of a new book from magician/joke teller Michael Closes titled THAT REMINDS ME. It has some clunkers, to be sure, and things you've heard before, but it also has some funny jokes on a variety of topics.

My favorite Jewish joke is the one about the guy on a desert island. Rescuers one day come and notice he has three huts. Why? "Well, that first hut is the one I sleep in; the second hut is the temple I go to." What about the third one? "That's the temple I refuse to go to."

Which reminds me of grandmother, a funny lady. I was with her when the doctor explained she had cancer and Alzheimer's. She was surprisingly chipper though, exclaiming, "Well, at least I don't have cancer!"

Which reminds me of my grandfather and why I got offended by some of the Holocaust "humor" in this diavlog. He died in a concentration camp... he was drunk and fell out of a guard tower.

Which reminds me of a politically incorrect joke from the Close book:

A man is sitting watching a football game. He says to his wife, "Get me a beer." She says, "Get your own damn beer." He says, "I told you to get me a beer." She replies, "I'm not getting you a beer. Get off the couch and get it yourself." He says to her, "If you don't get me a beer right now, you're not going to see me for three days." She says, I"m not getting you a beer."

Sure enough, the first day the woman doesn't see her husband. She doesn't see him on the second day. By the third day the swelling has gone down enough that she can open one eye...

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