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Old 09-16-2010, 02:23 PM
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Default Re: Standard Deviations (Robert Wright & Jonah Goldberg)

Twins, non-liberals recognize that liberals like Bob who get up on B'heads and Network TV and lecture about tolerance and courage of convictions are hypocrites who are so filled with self-loathing that their only concern is to strip away our civilization step by incremental step. Only an idiot could not recognize what Maher's eulogy for the 9-11 terrorists for what it is. A renunciation of our civilization. Murderous bastards hijacking and slaughtering planeloads full of ordinary citizens, children, etc. Then he praises them? And the Bob's of the world want them to build a monument to their murder on the very site, because no law says they can't. You people have no self-respect. I am pointing out that there is no law that says Bob cannot draw a picture of Mohammed and if he cares enough about freedom of expression, as he claims, he should do it to prove that the whole Danish cartoon and Theo Van Gogh thing is just an exaggeration made up by truthers, or whomever. The fact that he won't do it proves that his whole courageous pose of standing up to mob mentality is a fraud.
P.S. Thank you for correcting me. I meant "minority", obviously. Secondly, you are a disgusting racist to use the n-word. Talk about offending people. How many readers winced when they saw that.

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