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Old 02-19-2009, 12:13 PM
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Default Talk radio is withering (rambling and disjointed rant)

I do not pretend it is dying, but I have to say things look bleak at the moment.

I doubt many people hear even listen to much talk radio, but for those that do you may have some sympathy with my view.

On the generic side here in Los Angeles, Adam Carolla is going off the air, he is being dropped from all his stations, the fm talk station is being converted to a top 40 music format.

So that ousts Tom Leykis as well along with several other hosts. For most people, these are not interesting people in the first place, but Adams morning show grew on me, like moss.

Tom Leykis was a guy I stopped listening to years ago, but in the early days I soaked up his perspective on things and understand it, I think part of the reason I stopped listening is that I already got his MO and did not feel there was much more to hear after that.

Gone, the shows were doing well, but apparently cbs radio thinks they can make more money doing music, ah music, nice and cheap.

On the am side, many hosts were dropped. On kabc Mr kabc was nudged out by Mark Levin whos TAPED show continually forced Mr kabc's show back until he quit over it.

As a host, I despise Mark Levin. All I hear is fake outrage, schtick, and fake rants. But the gooberish hordes seem to like him, I think this is a withering of talent heard in LA.

For mid day, hosts like Michael Medved is still around, which I appreciate, but even so his competitor in Sean Hannity is more popular I believe. Frankly, this says something negative about many conservatives because while both are conservative hosts, Medved is a THOUSAND times smarter and more knowledgeable.

But the conservative hordes flock to the beef jerky, passing up the baked salmon.

Even the nuttier side of radio has degraded. Coast to coast AM used to be a decent show when Art Bell was the host. Sure I rolled my eyes when the topic was ghosts or UFOs, but he often had scientists on talking about all manner of new developments, and those were some of the most fascinating radio moments ever, and he was a good host at teasing out details with those guys. His replacement, George Noory (shudders), is a terrible host. He seems to believe EVERYTHING. At least with Art, there was the sense that in the back of his mind when talking to some crazy that he did not actually believe the tripe, not so with old George.

One his most annoying mottos goes: "I don't believe in coincidences"


REALLY !!!!!!!!!

REALLY GEORGE !!!!!!!!!!!!

no coincidences ?!?!? everything has some hidden motive? going per some plan? nothing just happens ???

The show is dead, he does not have many scientists on anymore, at least not in the same number Art did. And even if he did, listening to him interview a scientist is one of the most painful experiences in my listening life. He is just slow, no other way to put it.

It's a mess. But this is just my rant. At least Medved is still around.
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