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Old 10-26-2008, 05:02 PM
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Default Re: Science Saturday: Confronting the Right Wing

Actually I am a Christian, and therefore have my own tribal baggage to carry around. Thanks anyway. :-)
Actually, that's the problem, Jim, which I may have mentioned last time around. You are seeing Judaism through a Christian lens. People don't usually say, "I'm Christian" unless they believe in Christian tenets.

Jews, on the other hand, are literally a tribe. If you think of Jews as you think of the Cheyenne or the Apache, you'll have a better grasp of the issue. (I hope I'm not repeating myself from last time.)

If you met a Cheyenne surgeon in New York City, and he mentioned to you that he's an atheist (or a Christian), his identity would make perfect sense to you. It's unlikely that you'd write a post saying, "Hey, I met this really weird guy who claims to be a Cheyenne atheist."

You're only finding it weird with Jews because you were taught growing up that Judaism is a religion, like Christianity.

As for the positive/negative aspects of tribalism, I don't have a strong opinion either. Extreme tribalism is one of the worst qualities of people and the basis of all war. It's exclusionary (white folks in the Segregationist South) or simply "stupid" (as John put it, regarding Yankee fans).

But when tribes are respectful and loving of one another, you get the best of mutliculturalism -- cooperation instead of competition among tribes. A thousand (different) flowers bloom.
Seek Peace and Pursue it
בקש שלום ורדפהו
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--Psalm 34:15
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