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Old 11-12-2011, 03:22 AM
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Default Re: The Week in Blog: Above and Beyond (Matt K. Lewis & Kristen Soltis)

Originally Posted by carkrueger View Post
Erick Erickson is filled with self-importance and outside a small community no one knows who the hell he is. Why Matt talks about him every blogging-heads as if he were Reagan reincarnate is numbing.

People like Erickson were telling the faithful to get behind Christine O'Donnell because that dastardly RINO Mike Castle failed the litmus test.

Let's not back O'Donnell to spite Castle and have Chris Coons win the flipping election again people.

It's Romney, get over it.
Meh; I can live with that Delaware deal. I can live with moderates, but what disgusts me is a rigged system. Mike Castle wanted his "turn" to move up the ladder; which is why Bo Biden stayed out (Who here doubts there was a conversation about Castle staying one term, and Biden running next time for an open seat?). We have that in Nevada. The most unpleasant vote I will cast in 2012 will be for Dean Heller, who would have defeated Harry Reid in a cakewalk, but because the fix is in, stayed out of it. The whole thing was obviously worked out from the beginning. Ensign was in trouble, and Reid and the local GOP (Weak, country club vermin; party establishment) offered the seat to Heller on a platter. I can almost guarantee you the fix is in this election too. So Heller took his free Senate seat and will win it, and Reid stays for another term.

The reason Conservatives don't trust moderates is the same reason liberals don't; usually the "moderation" seems like political calculation. Take a look at Arlen Specter's voting record after he switched parties. It was delicious to see him twist in the wind in his ridiculous Salo Republic.
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