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Old 01-27-2011, 05:00 PM
stephanie stephanie is offline
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Default Re: Communitas: Education Politics (Dana Goldstein & Megan McArdle)

Originally Posted by JonIrenicus View Post
I think you are complaining for its own sake.
Nope. I've outlined why I was complaining. Saying that it's bad if schools are so bad that poor kids don't learn basic literacy and numeracy is not the same thing as arguing that everyone must go to college.

Anyway, I see it's PK who suggested that Megan was arguing against giving poor kids a real education and you just picked up on that bit. [Note: looking back, I misread this. I see now that you were quoting PK to explain what you were going on about in your original post, but making the argument yourself. My mistake on that.] I'm not in agreement with Megan in general, but I didn't understand her to be saying that poor kids shouldn't get a real education, did you?

I do understand where that criticism would come from, given what she said, but it has nothing to do with a claim that one has to go to college to have a real education.

[Note: and this is the important bit. You seem to be claiming that your assumption that people were equating "a real education" with "college" is supported by the post to which you were responding, but since Megan never said anything about college, it's clear in context that the debate is about methodology and opportunities for disadvantaged kids, not some assumption that only college matters. Of course, it's easier if you restate the debate as about something it's not.]

Not sure when you became the on topic nanny or the equivalent of the soup nazi to keep posters from their own tangents.
I'm not nannying. As I've explained, my problem isn't at all off-topicness. It's that you clearly weren't intending that we read your post as a tangent, but as a direct response to a post (series of posts, really) that it had nothing to do with.

The question of what a "real education" is interests me.
Me too.

Alot of people have it in their heads that just the basics is not a real education, that going down that path is selling people short in life. And I was making a case against that.
I think you should be more skeptical of your imaginings of what other people think.

In any event, I don't know what your definition of "just the basics" is. If you equate "minimal literacy and numeracy" with an education focused on college, what could "the basics" -- assuming it's something even less -- be?

I think just the basics is fine, but I also think it's something more than minimal literacy and numeracy. Now, perhaps there are people who say you can't have a complete life without Joyce and calculus, but I'm inclined to believe they don't really exist in any meaningful numbers.

Edit: as stated above, I did misread, and apologize. I don't think it affects my points except as noted above.

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