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Old 10-21-2008, 11:17 AM
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Default Re: The Week in Blog: The Elusive Plumbers' Vote

Originally Posted by Whatfur View Post
I have read that the real Larry Bird was about as smart as a box of rocks so some of this makes sense.

#1 First, let me say that this whole subject is pretty much irrelevant bordering on silly. McCain has no more ability to stop anyone who wants to yell anything at his rallys than Obama does. Or are we to blame the Obama campaign for the Palin is a CU*T T-shirt? Amanda made the ONLY real point, the ONLY thing in the candidates control and that was for Obama to use this unsubstantiated story to make points in the debate was rather depraved.

#2 Few people buy businesses they plan to work to only do as well as the person they are buying it from. I would have thought it would go without saying, but obviously one has looked at the books of a company one is looking to buy but seldom does the purchaser plan to be constrained by them. I have been around a number of start-ups and NOT ONE didn't think they were going to make it big or get bigger. Few may achieve it but all start out believing it. So no, no one really knows what their profit is going to be. To scoff at that is ignorant.

P.S. To the editors...I found it funny that the Joe the Plummer clip you chose to highlight stopped well short of the end of the Joe the Plummer conversation.
I think you and I know that the candidates set the tone for its supporters and with the Hussein and real American comments its pretty obvious why they have people holding monkey stuffed animals outside of the Mccain rallys. If thats the side you want to be on good for you.

Most prospective business owners would know the least they could stand to make if they were doing their due dilligence correct? This is a labor job not an internet start up so unfortuantly most owners are concerned with just making enough to keep their doors open. I don't know how it works in the "plummer" start up world which I assume is the fast track to wealth via fruit sales but in the mechanical contractor world that I live in the "plumbers" I know can easily figure out what they would stand to make based on a few easy to figure factors. To say they wouldn't is simply not knowing what these people do on a daily basis to stay in business.

I'm assuming not knowing has not stopped you before.
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