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Old 09-14-2011, 11:30 AM
brucds brucds is offline
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Default Re: Starting a Panic (David Corn & James Pinkerton)

First of all, Barro is not a reliable source on the stimulus. That's my opinion - and that of many, many respectable economists. But it doesn't matter. Because if Barro actually claims that the stimulus didn't create any jobs, rather than that in his estimable wisdom as a student of the science of economics he's got a better government job creation plan (Tax Cuts!) that could have created more jobs, he's on drugs - as opposed to simply recycling his usual gobbledygook as a PhD using bad models and theology suited up as "science." There IS a difference and I doubt even Barro has crossed that line. (Of course, much of the stimulus WAS tax cuts, but we'll leave that alone. It was a bad use of government expenditures. But Obama gets no credit for his extensive tax cuts because he's...not part of the GOP tribe.)

No one claims that the stimulus created "gross jobs" in the sense that it created more jobs than were lost in the course of the crisis. That's just a nutty argument. It makes no sense to assume that's the baseline for any discussion of potential jobs plans and argue backward from that to align any crazy assertion with some version of "reality." But this is an example of how dishonest and desperate Republicans are to conjure lies and attempt to defend them with more BS. This is reminiscent Michele Bachmman's Big Lies (corrected from "another of Perry's Big Lies") repeated during the debate, and recycled from practically every nutbag venue that supports these creeps, that the ACA will destroy 800,000 jobs. These creeps claim that this is based on CBO statistics. Of course, the CBO says no such thing. The CBO says that the ACA will take 800,000 people out of the labor market voluntarily, primarily because they won't have to continue in a job they don't want so that they can hang on to health insurance that would otherwise be unavailable to them. This is clear, but Bachmann (corrected from "Perry") turns it into a lie to attack health care reform. Republicans are liars. And comfortable with their condition.

OOOPS: I owe Rick Perry an apology. It was Michele Bachmann who used the 800,000 jobs killed by the ACA line in the last debate, not Perry as I asserted. Sorry Governor.

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