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Old 10-29-2010, 01:41 PM
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Default Is killing a civilian really worse then killing a soldier?

I was ignored the first time so I'm re-posting* here since I would like an answer.

Originally Posted by rfrobison View Post
I could point out that there is a fundamental difference between deliberately killing as many civilians as possible and accidentally killing people in a war zone--particularly when one side deliberately hides among non-combatants to maximize those deaths--but what would be the point?
Note: I am interested in the general problem. Not the Al-Qaida special case.

Why is the killing of civilian non-combatants, in the case where said civilians are benefiting* from actions caused by that nation's military and espionage personnel and supporting* their nations war potential (Through taxes and other), such a moral travesty? What's the alternative for a force that is hopelessly outmatched, go for military targets and get blown up without accomplishing much? I dunno, just seems to me it's very easy to look down on all these "dishonorable" types of warfare when your the one with the biggest bombs. Just seems to me this should be more of a gray area and not a knee jerk "They're evvvviiillllllllll!!!!"

*I assume the radicals in the middle east believe this
*Not sure where Bloggingheads stands on repostings
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