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Old 07-11-2011, 06:50 PM
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Default Re: Apparently, if you notice these things you’re just being a hateful racist

Originally Posted by look View Post
Let me try. There's a strain of race-baiting by some here, especially TwinSwords and Jeff. TS directed this post at me on a day that I had said to graz, 'if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem':

Perhaps my context dependent threading ability is limited, but on that thread, TS was responding to the initial post, not to you. It may have been directed at you, I don't know.

Originally Posted by look View Post
The presidential election is fast approaching, and if we don't guard against it, some here will try to make a lot of the campaign season here about race and class.

So sugarkang is trying to draw a parallel between the race-baiting thought police here and the Nazis branding Jews as subhuman. That is, we're being falsely labeled as immoral, and we do not like it.
The charges of racism at specific people are either fair or not fair, accurate or not accurate, and reasonable or not reasonable. They aren't any different than any other charge. Most people don't respond to the frequent "class warfare" charge that some on the right make against some on the left (one that can also be fair or unfair, etc) with an analogy to Nazism; instead they focus on whether it is accurate in that specific instance. The leap to Naziism seems dramatically overblown to me.

As to whether the election is about race and class- well, again- the charge that it's about class doesn't seem any less unfair than the charge that it's about race, but the right seem happy to make that claim (I should also point out that the charge that the election was about race was one that some on the right were quite happy to make in the last presidential election- several argued that Obama only won because he was Black- do I really have to dig up the links?). And, again, it's a proposition that may or may not be true, depending on what happens and one's assessment of that. I don't see how such a claim is out of bounds necessarily, given that it's possible to be true in some circumstances.

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