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Old 07-16-2009, 09:03 AM
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Default Re: The Evolution of God: Jewish Edition (Robert Wright & Mark Kleiman)

1) Bob: Ignore the carping from folks hostile to your book and its ideas who grouse that it's just endless and shameless hawking of wares. I find this a welcome change of pace from the unrelieved politics ad nauseum which, hashed and rehashed, choke off these more meaningful diavlog topics.

2) Seems that Bob's positing of a relatively straight-line positive evolution of humanity's conception of God is built on largely conjectural suppositions about the nature of belief as it supposedly existed many centuries ago, back before we have any historical evidence (that it was somehow necessarily polytheistic, that it necessarily had no moral component, etc.). This is just theorization with no assuredly solid factual basis. It's really just as likely that this is not evolution at all, but rather a repeatedly waxing and waning cycle that will alternate endlessly between terror and mellowness on into future eras.

3) Kind of ironic and funny that Bob's personal path seems lately to align more with the consciousness-transforming experience of elementary initial semi-Buddhist meditation states. (I heard him holding forth on it again on the Dianne Rehm Show yesterday.) One wonders if all this Abrahamic god stuff hasn't driven him away from theistic traditions altogether. (Buddhism is neither theistic nor atheistic, but rather non-theistic.)


PS for Bob: For a more representative description of the terrains of traditional Indian Buddhist meditation (IMS Barre is kind of a non-representative weak tea by comparison), take a look at "Essentials of Buddhist Meditation" and then "Six Gates to the Sublime" at KalavinkaPress.org. (Extensive excerpts on the "Dharma Jewels" page.)
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