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Stupid pointless flame wars Flame wars from diavlog threads are dumped here.
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All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

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Old 05-21-2011, 05:51 AM
Starwatcher162536 Starwatcher162536 is offline
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Default Re: Tricorder Edition (Mark Schmitt & James Pinkerton)

To each their own I guess, but I feel your posts are if not a majority, a plurality, of the reasons why BadHatHarry's and Looks posts are so bad as of late. It may be nostalgia, but I do recall both were "reasonable conservatives" when they started out here. They both were then however dragged/(became engaged) into this tribal battle lefties vs. righties where substantive points matter little and scoring points is all that matters thing we have got going.

To everyone; Is it me or the temp gain we had going after Whatfur/Lyle/KS/ was banned starting to slide away?
Six Phases of a Project: (1)Enthusiasm (2)Disillusionment (3)Panic (4)Search for the Guilty (5)Punishment of the Innocent (6)Praise and Honors for the Non-Participants

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