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Old 02-20-2008, 07:13 PM
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Default Re: Cults of Personality

Originally Posted by cragger View Post
The "green" musing was a reference to the pre-redesign website, and elements of the current color scheme including cut-and-paste comments as some paste them in. My way of having some fun while thinking about a previous BW/MK diavlog about picking BHTV slogans.
OK - this was about Bob's change from the old BBS to this one.

You seem to think there is a big pool of victims of unjustice due to affirmative action. I don't, but think that human nature being what it is, there are plenty of people willing to blame that or whatever else for any and all failings and dissapointments. Either case offers a potential avenue of attack in the upcoming smear campaign.
Affirmative Action is a subset of "Diversity". The thing I have been talking about is "diversity". No one seems to be able to pin down what policies of diversity really mean. They divert always to something else.

I am saying that skepticism about "diversity" is going to be played on by the Republicans. And they will be good at it. It will be very 21st century, not the poo-poo responses of well placed university administrators and other liberal elites.

You also seem to want to discuss, or argue about affirmative action. I have neither attacked nor defended it as a policy, and my sole interest here is and has been the question of how that attack might play, which seemed to be the theme of the thread as I entered it.
No no. I have been talking about "diversity". There is a lot of emotionalism in those who support this vague, vague concept. The fact that Obama himself is very vague, vague about why it should be him and not her, is something that only now people who are skeptical about Obama are pointing out.

As to your final comment on the Clintonian comments at the time of the SC primary, I took them to be first intended to discount Obama's win there in an attempt to maintain the idea of Hillary's inevitable victory. To the extent that they were or could be a coded way of saying "don't get excited about, or waste your vote on, a black candidate who can't win" in an attempt to depress any bounce or momentum, I'm at a loss to see how Obama reacted in a way that hurt his campaign. It seems instead to me that this all hurt Hillary, not Obama. He seems as of this posting to be doing pretty well.
No, I didn't say he hurt his campaign. I'm saying there was a period of about four or five days where everything "the Clintons" said was being turned into code language. But when it will be the Republicans, it won't be much of a convincing campaign to take everything McCain and especially the 527s say, and interpret it as code language.

I don't think Bill Clinton hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign by the statement. Hillary Clinton wasn't going to get the black vote anyhow--that should have been clear from the get-go. She's white, running against a black who has the best shot ever to become president. I think the liberal elite creted the baiting story, and successfully. But tactics like these will backfire in the general.

This "race card" episode to the extent it was that, together with my view of both campaigns overall, has indicated that the meme many are trying to push of "the Clintons are slick and skilled politicans and Obama is a babe in the woods who will be fresh meat for McCain" is unsupported by events thus far.[/QUOTE]
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