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Old 02-04-2011, 06:17 PM
badhatharry badhatharry is offline
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Default Re: Counter-Enlightenment Edition (David Corn & James Pinkerton)

Quoting popcorn_karate: ray's views on the middle east seem to be based in a racist understanding of arabs as constitutionally unable to handle democracy. not worth talking about as far as i'm concerned.
Originally Posted by Ray in Seattle View Post
I understand that to many liberals / progressives, proposing cultural differences as potentially determinative of someone's ability to seek peaceful compromise rather than violent confrontation - is considered racist. A good book on this topic by an anthropologist who actually lived in several Arab and Eastern Mediterranean societies for many years doing field research on the subject is "Culture and Conflict in the Middle East" by Phillip Salzman.
Salzman! Could he, by chance, be Jewish?

I am copying both posts as an example to those who just can't understand the conservative mindset when it comes to catagorizing or labeling liberals. It's unacceptable to you to be put in some kind of intellectual box. But it's really OK for popcornkarate to label Ray's views as racist and not worth considering. Why do I say it's OK? Because none of you has the balls to call him or any of your colleagues on it, ever.

But don't let us catch Ray making any generalizations or getting testy. He needs to have ultimate grace under fire.

Which he actually does, considering this thread.

PS I am not naive enough to be lobbying for any change in behavior just pointing out those who get ruffled by generalization to check your own backyard and don't expect better than that you engage in yourself.
"By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of the society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it." Adam Smith

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