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Old 12-13-2008, 08:40 AM
Incompetence Dodger Incompetence Dodger is offline
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Default Re: The Week in Blog: Conn's Endless Dirt

I'll third the assessment. Although to be fair, Conn never was on board the McCain bandwagon, and so never engaged in the kind of epic hackery that Michael Goldfarb did. As a result, from about the conventions to the first TWIB after the election I though Conn was pretty intellectually honest, at least in relative terms. He's sure snapped out of it, though. I found him irritating before for all the reasons Eastwest noted, but it's apparent that he's going to be an order of magnitude more aggravating when he's outside the tent pissing in.

I'm all for having thoughtful, intellectually honest, added-value conservatives on BHtv, in fact, I think it's vital. I never would have believed it, but I now really look forward to David Frum's appearances, and Eli Lake's journey from gleeful mustache-twirling verbal-bomb-throwing neocon to, well, whatever it is he's becoming has been fascinating. Reihan's a hoot, to understate the case. Pure hacks like Conn, Goldfarb, Jonah etc., on the other hand, only ever deserved the megaphone because of their (or at least their organizations') access to those in power, and the fact that their crazy actually had some possibility of real-world implementation. That's all over now, though (at least as of Jan. 20). What's the rationale now?

As an aside, I think maybe part of what's gotten under Brendan's skin is the fact that we've had Megan, Goldfarb, and Conn three days in a row, although personally, I'd put Megan in a separate category.

Operation Shun, Bob. If not now, then when?

Originally Posted by Eastwest View Post
I'd like to second this assessment: Conn may be plenty intelligent, but intelligence alone is not enough: Conn consistently uses his intelligence in the service of spewing polarizing ideology, taking IMHO positions which are intellectually dishonest just for the sake of maintaining a constant barrage of right-wing talking points. Consequence: He's become just a mouth-for-hire, prostituting his intelligence. If he's in such desperate circumstances that he has to keep doing that to keep getting his paycheck, fine. But why in hell should we have to keep listening to that week after week?

To me, "This Week in Blog" has become just another wasted day on BHTV. If there were other DVs to choose from, so you could just tune out "This Week's Conn Carrol Foaming-at-the-Mouth Right-Wing Blather," then it wouldn't be so bad.

So long, been good to know you...

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