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Old 05-04-2008, 02:54 AM
Incompetence Dodger Incompetence Dodger is offline
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Default Re: Stupidity Not Limited to Primates

Fantastic diavlog.

Originally Posted by Eastwest View Post
This DV is rich enough in its content that a second listening with zero distractions may be in order.
I just got done listening a second time, and I can confirm that it was worth it.

OK, before I take you to task, EW, I just want to say that I think your comments are always worthwhile and interesting, with the notable exception of your comments about the election (no shame in that, I'm finding the race--actually only notionally a "race" at this point--and the coverage of it alternately tedious and depressing, and nobody's had anything both interesting and substantive to say about it in weeks and weeks).

Originally Posted by Eastwest View Post
Such a nice relief from the seemingly endless stream of elections-obsessed DVs. But of course, having listened to this DV, it now becomes ever more clear why the Obama Homophily Zone (OHZ) bipeds here at BHTV are so deeply attached to their candidate choice, even against all evidence against the ongoing wisdom of such allegiance. (Never thought I'd have to check in with cutting-edge primate-behavior studies to explain this modern riddle.)
First of all, shame on you for (correctly) decrying the elections obsessions, then in the very next sentence going there. Project much?

Second of all, shame on you for, having opened Pandora's box, getting it precisely wrong. Surely this bit here isn't an explanation of why "deluded" Obama supporters persist in "clinging" to "irreparably damaged goods" despite "overwhelming evidence" that's he is "toast, toast I tell you" against McCain (note: scare quotes, not direct quotes of you), but rather why Clinton supporters have gotten so ferocious in denouncing and rejecting Obama, and vice-versa. False equivalence alert--I never considered Obama and Clinton "a toaster and a clock of equal value", right from the start. In fact I think one would be a disaster, both electorally and in terms of governance. However, I've become increasingly convinced of this, and highly emotional about it, too, and I'm willing to attribute that to the phenomenon Dr. Santos describes.

Hey, now that I think about it, the soul-crushing (wait, I mean fun and exciting) Democratic primary beautifully illustrates not only the Brehm wedding gift phenomenon, but the "boring task" phenomenon as well. Maybe Howard Dean should start handing out $20 bills to lower the level of vitriol.

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