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Old 04-25-2008, 07:55 AM
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Default Re: The Week in Blog: It's All Crazy

Originally Posted by bjkeefe View Post

Amanda came across as a lot more of a reporter, which let Bill do the same. Also, it seemed like more topics were addressed, compared to recent episodes of TWIB, particularly in presenting some of the variance of right-wing perspectives.
In the spirit of bipartisan comity (non-Broder division), I just want to say that Amanda was fantastic. More Amanda please. No hackery, no baiting, no insisting that 2+2=5 just because the other side says that 2+2=4, just explication of what was going on this week in Right Blogistan. What a concept. (Am I by inference throwing Conn Carroll under the bus? Who can say...?)

Looking at the list of topics and given the fact that it was TWIB, I was expecting (dreading) Kleiman-Jerrett Round Two, so maybe Amanda impressed me so much because of low expectations, but still. It must be hard, particularly in an election year, to be partisan and still avoid descending into either hackery on the one hand or Chicken-Little-esque reflexive contrarianism on the other (false equivalence alert: note that I consider the former a graver sin than the latter).

While I'm on the subject of hackery and the lack thereof, I also want to say that Eli Lake was surprisingly good earlier this week, and that Mark Kleiman was disappointing (in retrospect, I think we all would have been better off if he and Merritt had gone with their first impulse and discussed the criminal justice system).
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