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Old 09-02-2009, 10:33 AM
Liberty1776 Liberty1776 is offline
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Default Re: Packing Heat (Michelle Goldberg & Megan McArdle)

I believe even secession has potential for constructive political action. In fact, like Tom Delay I believe my portion of the state should be able to secede and get 2 Senate seats.

Oh my that is not me that's our very own **Michelle Goldberg** here and here.

That's real rich. But as starkly hypocritical as it is..it really shouldn't be surprising. McArdle and C.S. Lewis are semi-correct imo in observing the pleasure we take in demonizing our enemies and touches on the other side of the equation: cost. This is a subset of a concept Bryan Caplan author of "Myth of the Rational Voter" referred to as "rational irrationality" . It's cheap and psychologically beneficial to view yourself as being good and fighting evil but, in politics, there is very little cost in doing so. Thus demonization and chest thumping about "those evilmongers" is merely an exercise in self-esteem via politics. It not new and while unfortunate I don't think its that dangerous. The townhallers engage in it but won't do anything b/c there's a real *cost* to an action. The left-wing blogosphere will crow about it but would probably still attend a townhall with those "dangerous wackos" if it'd generate a more trafficked blog post (Another point: the blogoshere makes "rational irrationality" remunerative in many respects). This unfortunately is politics:

"Since delusional political beliefs are free, the voter consumes until he reaches his “satiation point,” believing whatever makes him feel best. When a person puts on his voting hat, he does not have to give up practical efficacy in exchange for self-image, because he has no practical efficacy to give up in the first place" ~Bryan Caplan Myth of the Rational Voter.
(Bloggingheads on the book)

I leave you with this and sayeth "Judge not lest ye be Judged":

Ms. Goldberg's hard-to-find "leader the liberal movement engaging in the same tactics" (imo worse can you imagine Glenn Beck making the same accusations!). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTLPUwS3HkM

In fact in reviewing the video one wonder's if Beck simply stole Olby's shtick.


Kill Bush exhortations (Scroll down for pics): http://www.zombietime.com/zomblog/?p=621

My, My talk about a climate of fear!

Let's save the chest thumping and self-righteousness.

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