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Old 03-30-2010, 12:13 AM
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Default Re: Kucinich

Originally Posted by popcorn_karate View Post
as i posted elsewhere, that is my hope.

And like Kucinich, i would have had to hold my nose and vote for this monstrosity of a bill if I was in position to do so.

its like getting a delicious triple-chocolate fudge cake - covered in shit frosting. yes there is cake in there, but its really a lot less appetizing than you expected.
Life is like that, sometimes. You take what you can get. I don't think there is really anyone in the forum here, at least among the liberals, who would have crafted this health care legislation to come out the way it did. But we have to be realistic. We have a Democratic Party is that is pretty darn good -- better than any alternative -- with about 40 members in the Senate who would support single payer, and a handful more who would support a public option. But the fact of the matter is that in the American system you need 60 votes to get legislation through the Senate. This means that when the Democrats still had sixty votes, they needed one hundred percent agreement to get anything passed. A "super-super-super majority," if you will. And among those 60 votes were conservatives like Lieberman, Nelson, Lincoln, Bayh, and Landrieu. It's not fair of you to condemn the entire party, or Obama, because of the institutional limitations placed upon them. They got the very best bill they could given the fact that they needed the support of the aforementioned Senators, and the prolife caucus in the House.

In fact, you should be in awe of the fact that they were able to get the legislation passed at all given the massive obstacles: 100% Republican obstruction, a multi-million dollar propaganda and astroturf campaign designed to intimidate, threaten, and harrass members of Congress, and a full-on campaign of bullshit from the media, broadcasting every dumb tweet from the half governor of Alaska and any other dimwit who could make up false charges about "rationing" or "death panels" or Zeke Emanuel's plot to exterminate the population.

The Democrats basically needed to pitch a perfect game to get this bill passed, and they did. Now our entire country will be better for it. We had exactly one chance to get this done, and we did. Celebrate, man!

The bill's not perfect, but it will be a whole lot easier to amend and improve existing legislation than it was to get it done from scratch. Especially with the Democrats facing losses in November, if we had not done this now, we might have had to wait decades for another chance.

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