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Old 01-13-2012, 11:51 AM
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Default Re: What should we disqus here?

Originally Posted by Wonderment View Post
Well, we'll see how it all plays out.
Yes, and I hope you are right.

But that line of economic concessions doesn't really excite Paul supporters, as far as I can tell.
This gets back to my sense that you are focusing on a segment (the minority segment) of Paul voters, probably based on who you personally know and see, who were already inclined to agree with Paul on foreign policy and who are probably more left-leaning in their other views. Those people don't scare the Republicans. The Republicans are worried that they will lose natural Republican voters (including a certain segment of independents and libertarians), and that's why they worry that a Paul third party run would hurt them more than Obama.

I think if we look at natural Paul supporters, the people he's had over the years and in '08, these are people who are excited by the economics. There's been talk about why his popularity has grown in bad economic times, and I think this too is probably due more to economic things than foreign policy or the drug war. Now, I think he gets some libertarian/left support because of the stuff you like too (as we've seen from you, Baz, ohreally), but if he has an important effect it's in convincing natural Republicans and people who gravitated to him because of economic stuff that his other ideas make sense within their ideas and world.

Like I said, I've come around on this, but I think it still means that economic concessions could excite the supporters. (Of course, concessions more than lip service are as contrary to the Republican establishment as the foreign policy changes, so like you said, we will see how it plays out.)

Paul will keep his focus on spending, but he won't be appeased by establishment figures who exempt defense spending from the conversation.
True, I wouldn't think so and hope not. He's being more conciliatory with Romney than the others, however, or so it seems to me, despite Romney's focus on not cutting defense at all and in fact doing the opposite. So powerful no one would ever think to dare to attack us or disagree with us, etc.

Interestingly, Paul is energized by support he's getting from veterans and active-duty military. He ought to be. It's a very good sign that the military doesn't (necessarily) support militarism.
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