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Old 01-08-2012, 03:36 PM
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Default Re: Like there's really a "we" to it at all

Originally Posted by Ocean View Post
I went to my secular humanist group this morning. And I was thinking how Disqus somehow emulates that kind of interaction.

At the meeting there was an invited guest who gave his talk about separation of church and state. Then there was a period of Q&A. A microphone is passed around to the audience and people have the chance to ask questions or make comments. One at a time, in an organized fashion. If someone says something interesting and others would like to comment or ask questions or continue that thread, there's very little chance, since the microphone keeps moving on to others with their own topics and questions. At the end of the meeting, of course, you listened, perhaps learned something, perhaps were able to say or ask a thing or two. But there's no depth. Just like in Disqus.
Sounds like Alcoholics Anonymous. The inspiration for Disqus perhaps?

Compare that to a situation where there's a guest, and then an open forum where people can continue the discussion, or break up in groups if they want to. They can participate in one discussion and then move on to another, and this keeps going for at least a couple of days. People can go read something related and come back to the group with new points, arguments or questions. And in between there are breaks, friendly talk, refreshments, music at times, humor, whathaveyou. Well, that's vBulletin forum!
Yes, I think that is a good summary of what distinguishes a vBulletin forum from the usual internet forum, with its anonymous alcoholics and other monomaniacs.

Ah, good old times!

When is the burial taking place?
All too soon.
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