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Old 01-06-2012, 11:35 PM
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Default Re: Matt Yglesias: Creating Jobs by Cutting Wages

Originally Posted by sugarkang View Post
Again, what's with the extreme abstraction? Who says Paul's newsletters don't exist?
Well, some people say they're not actually Paul's letters.

But in any case, you were overstating what most people said which wasn't that Paul's newsletters negate the positive aspects of Paul, but rather that the cost of his newsletters is higher than the benefit of his views.

Of course, other than wonderment and a couple of others, most people actually don't believe in the more general abstraction of Ron Paul's FP views, so obviously they won't see Paul's views as highly positive as someone who doesn't believe that America should ever involve itself militarily no matter the situation. Other people will also weight the contents of the newsletter more highly, of course.

It's pretty well-established that Bob is more focused on FP than on domestic affairs but someone who doesn't have this focus could easily come to a different conclusion.

I honestly find it a little tiresome that whenever someone weights things differentlythan you do or come to different conclusions there this huge chance that it gets characterized as this corrupt and/or unfair thing where someone who is skeptical about Paul's story about the newsletter or thinks that racism is a bigger problem than having a miltary is being horrifically unfair to Paul, etc.

At this point, AFAICT, it's only me you and badhat on this thread and I don't see any of the three of us changing our views. So I will see you on the other (disqus) side.

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