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Old 01-05-2012, 04:14 AM
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Default Re: Kudos to Bob for setting the record straight on his hero, Ron Paul

Originally Posted by Baz View Post
You mean they had no deterrent right?
No I mean they were relatively easy to throw out of power. The difficulty comes in managing the places after the regimes were gone. Iran wouldn't be as easy, and everyone knows it, including Iran. Thus, talk about fears of invasion is a ridiculous game of puppet theater.

Yes Sulla, maybe the US does ludicrous things, like invading Iraq.
That isn't ludicrous. That is relatively simple, as I said. The difficulty comes in staying.

But I said an attack, not an invasion. US forces are in place for a massive military attack on Iran, Iran sees this as a viable threat, which is perfectly rational looking at whats happened next door to them.
No, it isn't. The Taliban was inarguably provocative towards the United States. The Iranians know this. Iraq was at the end of a ten year slide of pariah statehood leaving it a basket case. The Iranians know this.

When you say "attack", then "what happened next door to them" is meaningless. Those nations were invaded and occupied, not "attacked". What Iran is actually concerned about is that a pinpoint attack could happen publicly, without being able to stop it, as the Israelis did in Syria, and they would be embarrassed by looking as though they had feet of clay.

That concern is a sign of weakness, and we'd be foolish not to press our advantage in order for them to grant us what we want to spare them the humiliation.

Whether you call it a "dominant regional power" or an "influential regional power" its inevitable. Even without the mullahs in charge Iran's influence will spread beyond its borders for obviuos reasons.
It isn't at all inevitable. What you will have is a Sunni bloc combating the spread of Iranian influence. When Syria falls, this will become quite serious. These people at odds will work to our advantage if we engage in politics like grown ups rather than decadent sentimentalists.

The US will have to accept this sooner or later, look at South America and how the countries down there are kicking the US bases out.
We don't need bases. But I agree that the State Department and the CIA have failed miserably in Latin America. Our problem in that region has to do with a cancer metastasizing in our own politics, not some structural weakness in statecraft inherent in a muscular American foreign policy. See Honduras.

Who's interests are they contrary to Sulla? Yours, mine, Joe six pack? The average citizen is suffering because of the pointless war games that are going on now. And if there's an escalation the oil prices may double or triple. I wonder who's interests this is in.
Oil prices can double or triple based on the politics of the region, absent any involvement from us. Your path means we just have to hope for the best. My recommendation leaves us with choices.
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