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Old 05-15-2010, 01:46 PM
uncle ebeneezer uncle ebeneezer is offline
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Default Re: smackdown: mcwhorter v. treme

Graz, that was funny. I should clarify. I'm not talking about the quality of New York (which is a very cool city!), I was trying to point out that even once you account for the high population, and the douchebagginess of the people who make these kinds of claims, it still seems like the amount of NY-is-the-greatest!!-ism is disproportionately higher than you find for any other city. Half of my family comes from the Bronx, Long Island and going way back, Harlem. Die-hard NY'ers, who are more of the go-about-their-day brand than the cocktail party LA types who like to name-drop the borroughs. So I know all about the vast majority of NY'ers being regular joes, just like in any other city. In fact that is a point I regularly bring up with all the LA-haters that I meet (which seems to be the inverse phenomenon to NY-love...everybody loves to hate on LA.) What I'm saying is that of all the douchebags that I have had silly late-night alcohol-induced rap sessions with over the qualities/flaws of any given geographical area, the most common place that is praised to the hilts (oftentimes with seeming reluctance to admit ANY flaws) is the Big Apple. Moreover, if you compare the intensity (obnoxiousness) of the arguments made, NY-lovers also usually take the cake (in my experience.) Admittedly, anyone who makes these kinds of sweeping statements about their beloved city, is by default treading into pretty obnoxious territory, but I still find it interesting how much NY dominates these types of silly discussions even given the obvious elements that put it in a higher league than many cities. Anyways, I just find it peculiar and think that the memetic element of buying-into-a-narrative by people is probably playing a large role. That said, I love NY! And Philly! And Boston! And LA! and San Fran! and Seattle!
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