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Old 05-14-2010, 08:09 PM
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Default Re: smackdown: mcwhorter v. treme

Originally Posted by uncle ebeneezer View Post
I meant to say MANY New Yorkers. Not all. To me the surprising thing is the amount of NY worship I see from Non-NY'ers. Especially here in LA I routinely come across people who lived there for a year or something but absolutely rave about how it's the ONLY city (despite leaving and deciding to live somewhere else.) I wonder how much of it is like going to the big Stones/U2/insert legendary band here- concert and almost feeling pressure that not only are you supposed to rave about how awesome the show was (even if it was predictable, overhyped etc.) but that it was the BEST concert. I realize people in Boston, San Fran, you name the popular city all exagerate the awesomeness of their home, but I still think the level of hype on NY is on another level.

But NY'ers can't help it if youse hangout wit... or, pardon me, make the acquaintance of a bunch a d-bags an wannabees out in La La. How much time have you spent in the real deal to form your impression?

One more comment from above:

As one of those transplants from "real America" who only recently came to the shocking realization that he's now lived in New York longer than anywhere else, I should probably exemplify the snotty urban egoist you describe here. But honestly, when you're surrounded by 8 million other people of vastly different backgrounds you get a little humble about generalizing about the culture of the city, or making sweeping judgments about its culture based upon a small slice of glamorized, mostly white, upper- and upper-middle-class life that you see in TV and film--or I suspect that you meet at college reunions and Atlantic corridor media events. Most New Yorkers know that along with Manhattan, NYC is Queens, it's the Bronx, it's Brooklyn (it's even Staten Island!) and most NYers are sharing the sidewalk and rubbing shoulders with their fellow bus and subway riders every day. That's the true, unique (for America) greatness of the city.

When I read or hear these kinds of complaints about "snotty" New Yorkers I get the sense that the people who make these complaints are a very small segment of people invested in the status of where they live and what they do, having an argument with a very small segment of NYers who, as you describe, invest some kind of stupid status in where *they* live or in the perceived superiority of their job, because it's in Manhattan. And, often as not, they're the same kind of people--insecure and eager for affirmation.

Meanwhile, just under 8 million other New Yorkers go on with their lives, not thinking much about what a geographical location says about them. Many of us even dream about leaving someday, if we could only find the kind of job we want in a place where we could have a backyard, laundry in our home, and enough closet space.
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