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Old 05-21-2010, 02:09 PM
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Default Re: Oh my oh my

1. I was discussing their racial profiling claims, pointing out that even the DOJ couldn't get Arpaio on it.

2. I've known of both of them for several years and if they can't be called hacks I don't know what the world could be coming to.

3. If we can't follow the money, I don't know what the world could be coming to. And, once again: where would the 'partiers and Cato (and Reason Magazine) be without Koch money? Would it involve a mimeograph machine and a basement?

4. The reference to "true libertarian" is because of what was said on the segment about whether the 'partiers meet that standard.

5. Actually, my views have been repeatedly censored by the "other side" (it varies) due to my relentless truth-telling. Sure, it occasionally involves links, or I call people by their true names ("hacks"), but even when it doesn't involve links and I'm just as nicey-nice as can be they get deleted. Here are some of those who've deleted my comments or banned me. Check it out, and bear in mind there are still a few who remain to be processed: Sanchez, JasonPye, TaNehisi, and OrinKerr.

The last is a good example: despite posting comments at Volokh since 2002 or 2003, he deleted several of my comments that were nicey-nice but which were critical of him. His reason? Because I harped on him deleting comments. Except, I did that on threads at Volokh about... deleting comments.
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