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Old 10-16-2009, 04:27 PM
zsuzsa bruria forgacs zsuzsa bruria forgacs is offline
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Default Re: Obama Wins Nobel (Hanna Rosin & Ann Althouse)

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
even if Americans deserve credit for voting for Obama due to his ethnic background, that's not something Obama did

We profoundly disagree on this point.

If it wasn't first of all Obama who was doing it, then how come that for over 200 years nobody voted for an Afro-American?

First of all he had to show up on the scene and do a tremendous work, probably tenfold as much as a white male had to, to convince Americans that he is electable, that it is a good idea to vote for him. Naturally, he had a slowly widening circles of followers, who helped him on the way, but without his pioneer work America would have the usual wasp male as president, and I can assure you, a not very much liked president outside the States. (Now, you can surely say, who cares whether people elsewhere like us or not, whether they like our president or not? But that attitude doesn't ad up to world peace for sure).

Yes, the American people had to be receptive to his words to be able to vote for him, but he had to build up credit, which he did, he had to jump over a tremendously wide ditch, that no black man was able to jump over before, and that ads to his credits as well.

I was watching from over seas and the world was watching while he was running for presidency, and the world liked what he had to say. He was saying progressive things in a very credible way, that no other American president was able to communicate to the world before.

First of all he did the work, most of the work, and then his helpers, his followers, and finally yes the American people, who voted for him, that's why I've said before, that Obama himself is the Nobel peace prize of Americans.

I think I have no more argument left, regardless whether I was able to convince you or not, whether I was able to communicate my thoughts well or not. But I know plenty of other people are reading this homepage too, so maybe it was not in vain that I wrote my thoughts down. Obama is a great treasure of mankind, take good care of him! (I can only hope this sentence is not offensive to you).

Thank you for paying attention to my words and answering,

Good night!
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