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Old 10-16-2009, 02:44 PM
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Default Re: Obama Wins Nobel (Hanna Rosin & Ann Althouse)

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post

”but to a certain extent I think people feel a little patronized.”
This is new to me! I would have never thought that Americans, who own the biggest superpower of the world (at least they owned it while I was growing up, I know that with the developments in China the situation is somewhat changing and getting more differentiated) could or would feel patronized by a tiny country’s prize, appreciation and good will. If you think about your statement twice, it does sound somewhat absurd. At least to me. Or maybe the American’s psyche has indeed changed with 9/11 and with the economic crisis, but prior to these no Americans would have thought that Americans do not DESERVE these prizes as their natural rights… and it would not have made such big headlines, I don’t think they would have regarded it a big thing, instead they would have treated it naturally, as if nothing could be more normal, than the American president getting a prize and acknowledgement for his work somewhere in the world.

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
“For the same reason that plenty of countries don't really like those in other countries insisting that they know better what is good for those in the country than the people themselves”
- I thought the election was carried out by the American people for the American people, and nobody was able to butt into this decision who is not a citizen, the result of the election was not made by people who are not citizens of the USA, the decision to vote Barack Obama for president is an American decision.

So what if people around the world have an opinion about the USA, about the choice of the Americans for president, about the president himself? What is violating or hurtful about this? Why would it be hurtful? Isn’t it normal to have an opinion, and that one expresses it? Isn’t this a very American thing, to say your opinion about everything and everybody as you wish and feel like? The decision about the American president was made by the American people, but why be afraid of the opinion of other nations and other people, especially if it is FAVORABLE? Especially if they are happy about this decision (choice) made by the American people! Because yes, if we share this globe, it is good to have a guy in the white house who is open to the problems of other nations (like the environmental issues, heavily ignored, in fact denied by the previous leadership), and who will hopefully take steps which are agreeable to other nations wishes and hopes as well.

Originally Posted by stephanie View Post
„Obama hasn't actually yet accomplished anything especially peaceful,”

„While I don't think Obama has done anything to deserve it”
I very seriously disagree with you at this point. This election of yours wasn’t an everyday average election. As I pointed out before in my other posts, it is a historical election, and not just for the people of the USA, but for other nations, because you Americans finally proved that you take the words of your founding fathers seriously, you are ready to live up to the words of the Declaration of independence (you made good on your word), in other words, YOU MEAN WHAT YOU SAY about freedom and equality, and with this you show good example to the nations around the world. With this election you proved to other countries, that you are a true democracy, and that democracy works, still works, despite all odds, and despite times when it actually didn’t work so well, in fact was close to collapse…(talking about those disastrous elections results, where no winner could be announced, and so forth). Democracy of course cannot be frozen and cannot be perfect, it is in constant change, motion and work to better and correct itself.

And at this point I would like to suggest to you to listen to a beautiful song of YOUR LEONARD COHEN, before you continue reading me. http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/leona...democracy.html

Now, Obama put an enormous work into convincing the American people that an Afro-american could be voted president of the USA, that he is electable, and he was successful in this historical ambition of his, and whether you are ready to acknowledge it or not, this in itself is an enormous step toward world peace, or toward a more peaceful world. The status and stature of the American democracy got stronger and MORE CONVINCING, without them peace is unimaginable on earth at present time. Asia, Africa, South America are mostly not white continents, and for them it is a victory they can share, that the people of the USA jumped over this gigantic hurdle (of racism) and voted for an Afro-American. This means that the nations on earth could turn toward the USA with more trust and faith, they are more opened to the USA than they were before. This carries enormous value, for the health of our globe, and that is something that would be silly to ignore by the Nobel peace prize Committee.

It is true that Obama inherited a few of them Achilles heels, maybe the biggest sore right now is Afghanistan. And unfortunately right now there is basically no good solution (pulling out and leaving the locals, especially women at the mercy of the Talibans, or bringing in more troops shedding more AMERICAN blood and money without the end in sight), but let’s not forget the president is not the Almighty, he can’t work miracles, because he is not a magician either. He is not the one who got America into this mess, and he might not be the one, who can get America out of it, however painful this sounds. Let's be practical as much as possible, In 1979, when the Soviets run down Afghanistan, a wise man told me, that no foreign power could ever take over Afghanistan and all of them who tried have bled away. No foreign power can win over there. Actually that’s where the demise and falling apart of the Soviet union began.

So just lets accept the fact right now in lack of a better idea, that Obama didn’t get the Nobel peace prize for his work in Afghanistan, and we don’t know what he or the NATO allies would be able to accomplish over there. Obama got the Nobel peace price for his historical work toward making people see all around the world that black and white can work together, and can come together and be a whole on earth just like ying and yang.
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