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Diavlog comments Post comments about particular diavlogs here.
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Old 10-15-2009, 05:48 AM
zsuzsa bruria forgacs zsuzsa bruria forgacs is offline
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Default Re: please

Originally Posted by claymisher View Post
What is wrong with you? The guy posts twice on this board and you call him an imbecile. Don't you have any manners at all? This is exactly why boards die.

ZBF, if you decide keep participating in spite of the rudeness, there's a handy "ignore" feature here.
Dear Claymisher, thank you for the "ignore" feature! I might make use of it, if the situation deteriorates, but Harkin's "imbecile" stamp has not crossed my frustration threshold yet. I am in training everyday locally to increase my "insult toleration capacity". Harkin's attitude is a worldwide phenomena, people love to throw insults at each other anonym on the internet. (Remember the wonderful book of your wonderful author Thornton Wilder Heaven’s my destination? It is one of my all time favorite, and the word "imbecile" is constantly applied to the hero by his immediate environment, because he is an idealist who is completely detached from reality, he is convinced that all people carry the possibility for perfection, or rather they harbor a little perfect person inside, who wants desperately to come out, and his job (the hero’s: George Brush) is to show the way out to the light. (see my little summary of the book in Hungarian: http://www.readme.cc/hu/koenyvtippek...owbooktip/766/ ) Luckily, I don't believe that, I learnt to accept the fact about people's invincible imperfection.

One more thing: the Hungarian language doesn't differentiate between male and female, "he" or "she", in third person we use “ő” in both cases, regardless whether we are talking about a male or a female, but in English you do make a distinction. I was referred to as a "he" here by several commenter, well, I am a she, and not a guy, but a gal, see the latest shot of me as proof:

So, as one of your famous colonel has said once: I’ll return. Or he wasn’t a colonel, and wasn’t yours?

Good day!
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