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Old 10-13-2009, 02:57 PM
zsuzsa bruria forgacs zsuzsa bruria forgacs is offline
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Default Re: Obama Wins Nobel (Hanna Rosin & Ann Althouse)

You have brought up the theme of 1956 in connection with me, or rather my comment. It’s not clear how 1956 is connected to Obama’s Nobel peace prize, but since it was brought up, let me tell you a few words on the connection between the USA and the 1956 revolution of Hungary.

The USA, through the Voice of America radio station, encouraged up-risers to hold out, hold on, as if America (USA) had any plan (intention) to come and save us, save the Hungarian up-risers. As it later became crystal clear to everybody, America had absolutely no such intentions, so in a sense America falsely ”promised” (implied) help to the revolutionaries through Voice of America. America at the time was preoccupied with the fate of Suez, and of course held itself to the sphere of powers ”doctrine”, a deal made with Stalin back in 1943.

Due to the encouragement of the Voice of America radio to hold out (till the American savors arrive- at least this was implied) much more people had to die in the ensuing bloodbath.

But enough is enough. This is just a random sludge, somebody (may be you?) is trying to push us into, or rather shove our present theme into. So back to Obama.

I would like to reiterate, that I think Obama is the Nobel peace prize of the American people, for their courage to elect him, and thus help our world (planet) progress (hopefully) toward a more peaceful state.

Obama was the force, the road breaker, but the people who elected him had to be receptive to his ideas, and had to have faith that Obama is elect-able, which meant they had to be courageous, had to have belief in themselves and Obama’s capacities, good intentions. I think the election of an Afro-American is a gigantic step forward in the history of mankind.

Whether people in the USA know about it or not, Americans were not very popular in the last decade around the world, and it was a dangerous business to travel with an American passport. But with Obama America is popular again, from one end to the other. Not just in Europe, but in Asia and Africa as well, so people turn toward America again with hope, as if toward a leading and progressive power, a beaming light house.

Without Obama’s hard work for over two years prior to his election, this would not have been possible. I know, that for Americans the election campaign and all the work that goes in to it is natural, it is business as usual, still, Obama’s election is a bigger gift for the world than an average American election, because it says, that America did make good on its promise about equality and freedom (back to the words of the Declaration of Independence), and thus is shows good example to everybody and all the countries of the globe, and gives us hope, that we can all better ourselves.

I think this deed in itself deserve a Nobel peace prize.
I am sorry that there are people in the USA who are not able to see the importance of Obama’s election and all the good work he has done to reach this goal. But I can assure you that the majority of people all around the world do see it and appreciate is.

Good day!
And better intentions for you too!
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