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Old 10-10-2009, 08:07 AM
zsuzsa bruria forgacs zsuzsa bruria forgacs is offline
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Default Re: Obama Wins Nobel (Hanna Rosin & Ann Althouse)

Dear Hanna and Ann!

Things do look completely different from Europe, from Budapest, or rather it looks different for people thinking in a certain way about the state of the world, and not just the state of the union.

I have just finished reading Obama's book searching for his father (the old theme about boys looking for the missing father), when we heard the news about his Nobel prize. And we were so happy about him winning the prize that we actually threw a party in his honor last night, or rather in honor of this decision of the Nobel peace prize committee, which always has interesting, very enlightening decisions to surprise us all

I think this award was basically given to the people of the USA, who had the courage to finally jump over this absurd hurdle, this ridiculous, shameful fence, the wall that artificially separates people from one another on the basis of the color their skin.

Of course Hollywood has already painted the image on the wall in the nineties about black presidents – as they were saving the world, or as they were making fun of the world -, but these images were always packed, surrounded in science fiction or placed far into the future... but now Americans stood up for themselves and elected a true and real afro-american president, proving to the world that they have really grown up to the words of the founding fathers:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident....”

But however much these truths are self-evident, Americans still had to grow up to these words and had to go a long way, and of course this is still not the end of the way, but it is an important post, beaming station, name it as you feel like.

With electing president Obama, Americans and the American democracy has come of age. The American system proved resilient, and capable of survival, proved that if not always, but from time to time true democracy in its best sense, meaning and form is alive, breaks to the surface and rules. And we congratulate them, we congratulate the American people, this prize belongs to the Americans who voted for Adulthood, when they voted for Obama.

I personally never thought Americans would be capable to jump this fence, specially not in my lifetime, but they did, so I apologize to them, that I had no faith in them. I apologize them and I congratulate.

So please be happy, as we are here are happy ever since you have elected Obama as your president, who can also make amends in the world elsewhere, and can bring about hopefully peaceful times! We do need it.

Yes, Obama is your president, he is an American president, but it doesn't hurt to have an American president with the right ideas and manners that could help bring change all around the world for the better.

So please don't be cynical or rude with him, please don't criticize him where and when criticism is absolutely not warranted. The Nobel peace prize committee expressed a feeling that is dominant in the world today, that it is important for us, for humanity to have a good guy in the White house. So consider this prize your own, it is the first time that an entire people received the Nobel peace prize, for finding and showing its better self (better half).

Good day!

Zsuzsa Bruria Forgacs
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