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Old 12-16-2011, 10:47 AM
Alexandrite Alexandrite is offline
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Default Re: Blast From the Past (Timothy Noah & Rich Lowry)

There's another %selfname in the world soaking up the interwebs ahead of me, and he's a 12 year old German boy who's already cooler than I am.

Twitter Advice:

Hold contests for when ever you begin to reach certain number of followers (When I get to 1000 followers, a random follower gets a free...).

Octothorpes are in low taste at the moment, so should be minimized like profanity. Both are acceptable on the service.

Twitter is not a chatroom, it's more like a forum (like this one), or even a cross between a chatroom and a forum. Try not to spam.

Follow your hobbies on it! Twitter is perfect for that. Follow anyone who is 'famous' to you, but is not grocery store famous. You can talk to these people and they talk back.

Oh and one more thing.

Arnold Kling's 'kenysian-austrian technological obsolescence GMU synthesis theory' is proven best by Twitter.

The way I see it people have 168 hours in a week. They used to spend X-hours of that watching TV. Each TV show hires dozens of people, and creates hundreds of jobs industry-wide and millions in revenue. Twitter as recreation eats into this. Every half hour you spend reading user generated tweets for free is money not being being spent on TV.

No one knows how to monetize twitter - I don't even think Twitter does. Twitter has only 600 employees (mostly programmers and marketing), yet millions of users - over 300 million. If the time spent 'reading twitter' was instead spent on watching a TV station, it'd be a multibillion dollar operation, with tens of thousands of employees.

What I'm getting at, is that Twitter is one of the causes of global job loss. It is a cause of the global economic stagnation. As more people use twitter, it turns monetizable economic human activity into non-monetizable human activity. Activity in which most of the income beneficiaries are a select number of extremely talented people. Twitter is increasing income inequality in the world. 600 people are now raking in the moneys that would have gone to thousands of workers under the pre-internet era model.

Enjoy your stay Timothy.
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