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Old 08-31-2011, 07:44 AM
Alexandrite Alexandrite is offline
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Default Re: Lessons Learned: The Islamophobia Network (Wajahat Ali & Tim Murphy)

It's really sad that I'm in agreement with Apple on this. This diavlouge was one sided and just ignorant.

For example, it lays out the case of the supply chain for how anti-sharia laws come about, and makes it seem like this is all some simple conspiracy easily disrupted by outing the charlatans. That would be true, if someone had no understanding of how difficult basically everything else is to do in legislatures. If only we could bring about pot legalization, or prison reform, or any number of really useful ideas through such a simple process. Why didn't the gay marriage people just adopt the methods of these guys if it's so successful? Islamophobes are not successful because of their methodology. There's no super secret tech here that they have access to.

The fact is, there is a demand for this product. Your plan of outting the liars and hate-mongers for what they are, and suppressing them under the guise of how anti-American they are, might make you feel better, but it does nothing to address the real problem. Which is, that there are millions of Americans who have a dislike towards Islam, and they are ready to 'get-their-hate-on' if someone will just give them a reason for it. Quite frankly the origin or correctness of those reasons are not even relevant to the discussion.

Until you address that fact this will continue to be a problem. Bush made things legitimately worse with his religion of peace and trying to suppress the Islamophobia. That attitude only created resentment from people with legitimate reasons for hatred, pushed them to the sidelines of legitimacy, and gave them no outs for their hatred. The right hated Bush from 2005 on, and only put up with him because they had no other choice. They hated Bush for compromising, and compromising on Islam was an early sneer they had at him.

The real solution is addressing the demand problem, and that can only be solved through integration. If you want the political right to take these problem seriously, you need to integrate into the right. Find reasons to overcome your own distastes and go to tea parties, to listen to talk radio, to watch Fox News, and vote Republican. It's unfortunate that most Muslim integration on the right has been extremely corrupt, because otherwise I think Muslim Republicans are demographically well positioned to be a growing and important part of the conservative movement.

And if sacrificing your liberal beliefs, if giving up your political-conscious for a better cause is too much for you, I have but to point out this is exactly are you trying to get islamophobes to do? Which of you has the heavier cross to bear here?
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