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Old 08-25-2011, 03:58 PM
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Default Re: Bloggingheads Assemble! (Jamelle Bouie & Peter Suderman)

The problem with Thor is that it's basically a JMS script that's been actionified, and the action scenes are just kind of there and don't do anything. The parts of the film that work are all the areas where JMS has strengths as a writer, and action is not why you watch a JMS piece.

Yes, Babylon 5 had action in it, but the scenes - even the action scenes - that define the show are excellent in their payoff of character advancement. The show's greatest moment, the end of Season 3, isn't amazing because of the action that's happening, but because of all of the 10 million steps that you've advanced to this one moment - and then the reveal that there is more. The big space battle hinted at at the end of the season actually DOESN'T happen. Even the end of the war Shadow War is not won by action, but through debate. The action is there to get to the debate - the dialogue. The action scenes of "Moments of Transition" exist to advance towards a dialogue. The action scenes of "Signs and Portents" exist to red herring the audience.

JMS writes action but it just isn't what matters.

Thor's non-action scenes exist to advance the whole plot towards fights that just don't matter. Why are these people fighting? Because it's action film and people want to see Thor hit things. The resolution of the film is just there because they've written Thor into a spot where he has no outs other than lucksacking into the villain's incompetence. Hell, part of the problem is that Thor is fated to win (and recover his powers) and there's no damn reason for that in the plot! Actually looking at Mark Protosevich (the other writer's) fimlography I can now see how Thor combines all the strength's and weaknesses of both writers.

In short, Thor's failure is that it is written as a thinking man's action film with a character who really isn't meant for stuff like that. You can't write a film that rewards you for thinking, and then have the idiot-hero beat the smarter 'bad-guy' by punching him in the face.

I'm kind hoping for a major troll out from Marvel. It'd be great to get to the theaters next year and come in to see "The Avengers", only to have the opening theme replaced with the nextwave theme song and Fin Fang Foom just smashing buildings.

Why isn't Nextwave a movie? Just no audience for it? "It's like Scott Pilgrim meets The Avengers".

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