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Old 09-02-2011, 01:27 AM
CrowsMakeTools CrowsMakeTools is offline
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Default Re: Values Added: Southern Baptist Edition (Amy Sullivan & Richard Land)

Mr. Land says that health care reform is needed, but that ACA is not the answer. It seems like all the Repubs did was attack and complain when the debate was going on. I don't see where an alternative plan was put into place. If the Repubs had really cared about America, they would have worked with the administration to enact a health care plan. Instead, they played political football. That is cynical, crass politics at it's worst.
I was disappointed that Amy Sullivan didn't call him on this. Richard Land complains that ACA is antithetical to a pro-life viewpoint because it might result in rationing health care for seniors. He seems completely oblivious to the fact that the current state of affairs severely limits access to health care for anyone without health insurance, and pretty much all of the Republican proposals would limit Medicare spending far more severely than ACA. And Land does nothing to address the gigantic portion of health care expenditures allocated to futile interventions in end-of-life care, many of which, it turns out, actually hasten death and prolong suffering.

And then there's this nonsense he argues about the irreducible complexity of unicellular life forms, that goes completely unrebutted in this piece.

This really isn't a diavlog at all. It is an interview, with Richard Land reciting a well- rehearsed list of right wing talking points, and Amy Sullivan simply moving down her list without taking issue with anything Land has to say about any of these issues. To be fair to Amy Sullivan, Richard Land does have some deficits with regard to his ability to listen in a thoughtful way to an alternative viewpoint, which is, after all, a prerequisite for dialogical process.

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