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Old 12-26-2010, 04:26 PM
chrisn chrisn is offline
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Default Re: Values Added: The Blue Devil Imam (Mona Eltahawy & Abdullah Antepli)


I suspect a lot of people emigrate to America for a lot of reasons. Three big ones are: economic opportunity, religious freedom and political stability.

So the Irish who came here didn't have to work hard on the railroads, factories, live in what housing they could get, work themselves up, deal with discrimination...etc? The first generation often suffers the most. Sometimes they suffered as Catholics.

So Jews (and both folks here hold them up as a model) who came here for religious freedom when they're in the religious minority didn't suffer? Why they certainly did. Many are conservative. Many are liberal. They dealt with severe discrimination. Yet many have secularized, married outside their religion, loved, lived, and died in...and sometimes for...America. They've managed to do so without killing Americans in the name of Judaism.

In fact, suffering and persecution in Europe was the impetus behind the creation of Israel and an exodus of German and Russian Jews especially, to America. In fact, it worked so well that Jewish conservatives and Christian conservatives are closely linked in a foreign policy allignment with Israel.

This must have worked too well for Progressives, because they've become evil neoconservatives (and I'm no neoconservative).
My problems are admittedly with the Progressive platform:

-Progressives, in pursuit of their ideals can grow government into big business/big gov't relationships and stagnate economic opportunity. Our big open economy helps include all immigrants, like Muslims. Cronyism and corruption are constant dangers and just as much within the pursuit of Progressive ideals as without. Such is politics.

-Progressives (much like Muslims I know ironically) are happy with all sorts of minorities (especially the noble, suffering ones), and different faiths as long as Progressive ideas are ascendent (like Muslims are quite tolerant in a Caliphate). Such is human nature.

Regarding religious freedom: BE CONSISTENT: Please go ahead and bash the Muslims and their extreme claims of faith just as much as you wish to push Christianity from the public square.

I'm ok with Progressives and the liberal state as long as both don't use the power the State to root out and eliminate discrimination entirely (hate speech, overly pc crap etc.). That's no longer liberal.

---Fortunately we still have political stability. Let's work to keep it that way.

I'm desperately sorry for having "creeped" you out.
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