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Old 12-26-2010, 01:27 PM
chrisn chrisn is offline
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Default Re: Values Added: The Blue Devil Imam (Mona Eltahawy & Abdullah Antepli)

Thanks for both for the talk.

My interest in normalizing Muslim groups comes in part from fear: Torn teenaged Muslims in America can go online, find someone like Al-Awlaki's site, radicalize and blow us up. I'm also on the record against fearmongering, and the use of Muslim mischaracterization for political gain by the right (or anyone). Fear is a strong motivating factor here, and I choose not to capitulate to people who get what they want by killing others or making gestures to placate the violent.

To many on this message board: you're probably not okay with Catholics who wish to have their Catholic beliefs deeply entwined with our laws. In fact, I'd say most folks here actively seek to keep such thinking (the submission of will in faith to the authority of God and the earthly church) out of politics.

In Islam, this is mostly non-negotiable. Muslim societies revolve around the existence of a transcendent God (and the submission of will in faith) as do pilgrims around the Hajj. Yes, there are liberal reformers, yes Islam is much richer and broader than we know...yes...but most such reformers also have contact with the West. They have to adapt and change (and appeal to "diversity" at the moment). My guess is if many Muslims had their way, we'd all be living in a big Islamic kingdom, as has been the goal in the past if you look at the historical record. Right now, their economies are weak, many of their people poor, most of their governments non-representative.

A process that will get us around the spawning of violent radicals and the use of our military in response is needed, and requires sacrifice (and there are plenty of legitimate grievances, because we will have to change and adapt as well).

It's duly noted such a contradiction is mostly avoided here in favor of firmly establishing the minority group within the logic of diversity, tolerance and "America-needs-to-live-up-to-its-ideals" left-think.

I'd argue that framing peace this way papers over deeper truths, and it's thin paper.

Muslims who choose a life here (and they are welcome) have got to earn respect the hard way: suffering alongside us for generations, demographic representation (not being a tiny minority), living working dying love friendship in America. They've got to come up through the popular culture (movies, comedy, writing, music) and they've got to figure out a way to thread the needle between their religious beliefs and our Constitution without resorting to violence.

I appreciate the attempt, but real peace takes more work than this thin gruel.
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