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Old 12-05-2010, 01:26 AM
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Default Re: An Advertisement for Openness (Glenn Greenwald & Matt Welch)

Keefe-I said it twice for emphasis. I don't know what else you're talking about. I wouldn't mind you re-reading all of my comments though, as I appreciate the attention.

pod2-Thanks for the link. That's a rather fine discussion of the mind-body problem, a broad range of thought, including Cartesian mechanics, the Turing Test, Plato's idealism...etc. I think Chomsky is happiest in merging Rationalist/philosophically ideal concepts, some mathematics and high end analysis and the study of language. It's very impressive.

Myself, I find that applying logic directly to language is always an enterprise in metaphysics that I don't find primary, and which also has questionable empirical connections to the best we can hope to know of the natural world. I do believe there is an objective world and we do have knowledge of it, but that's my case to make. I'm closer to Kant than to Hume, to give you an idea and I have my doubts about logical positivism and the Vienna School and the Tractatus (and I should acknowledge Chomsky addresses the nature/language problem respectably, though I disagree).

As for his politics, I find Chomsky lost at sea, a man with no political experience, and little to no knowledge of the constraints that human nature places upon the politics, markets, politicians, and state actors that he so readily criticizes. He vainly appeals to international law with no almost knowledge of how it's made. His language becomes florid and loaded, and honestly, his cool analysis falls by the wayside. There's more than a little injustice in the world (and there I will give Chomsky much credit for recognizing it), but there's more in the world than Chomsky's metaphysics, and his much more than his politics.

You can do better. Plato's Republic isn't a bad way to go, if you appreciate an idealist's take on politics.
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