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Old 12-04-2010, 12:26 PM
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Default Re: An Advertisement for Openness (Glenn Greenwald & Matt Welch)

Originally Posted by pod2 View Post
Then it seems you largely agree with Chomsky's criticism of cases where "idealists" are "controlling everything." We need MORE checks and balances on those that control things for their own institutional or selfish interests. Creating more democratic control, bringing pro-human values to bear on foreign policy, and reducing secrecy are ALL aimed at checking the power of interests that "control everything." To say, "Well, but Chomsky would just replace their ideas with his own," misses the point-- no one person's ideas should be structurally permitted to control everything, and we should be working to strengthen these checks, not apologizing for the status quo and demonizing those who are critical.
No, I don't, really. I think the moral depth behind some of his criticisms is profound enough to cause me to question some of what I find immoral in U.S. foreign policy as well as my own moral thinking (drone attacks, Sandinistas). But I also find his philosophy impossibly ideal, and I think there's more going on than simply making the U.S. better. "Strengthening those checks" also implies that those who desire the strenthening are those you question from a conservative position.

I do share with Chomsky a potentially Rationalist/Transcendentally Ideal Kantian influence, and this could be of some use (see the Daniel Deudney Bloggingheads). But I also have doubts. I bend away from Rousseau, and more toward Burkean Conservatism (against violent overthrow, as in France, which still lingers today in many ways)

Some secrets are necessary, absolute transparency is a myth, and a dangerous one.

Heck, I can even use Kant to argue and frustrate against the Human Rights spread of Western Idealism across the globe, as Kant's thought resists attaching freedom to any humanist or idealist project.
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