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Old 12-04-2010, 01:36 AM
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Default Re: An Advertisement for Openness (Glenn Greenwald & Matt Welch)

Pod2 said:

But this is exactly the point. Living in one man's "world" is what Chomsky and others who believe in small "d" democracy are struggling to prevent. The world belongs to all of us, and political and economic structures should emphasize input from more people

Well, on some level I agree. As someone influenced by Kant, I find the defense of common interest and broad inclusion beyond the self-interest of nation-states, state actors, global corporations etc...potentially necessary (or at least leading to a ilberal international U.S. foreign policy). But it's complicated. Chomsky was a strong philosophical idealist. I would hope in seeking to replace (not by force or violence, as in Marxism) the existing "structures" you would stay well aware of the real world complications beyond your theory.

Markets and political "structures" already emphasize input from many people, So do nation states. They also seek self-interest. Perhaps you're seeking some set of ideals in which to transcend all of these structures and enforce your own global order. You then would also be seeking your own self-interest, and what's more, any sort of institution that realized your ideals....would likely do the same. These are ideals...abstractions....and you are making fairly run-of-the-mill Chomskyite arguments.

I'd submit that as you follow Chomsky out to the logical conclusion of his thinking, the very ideas that animate you should also be the very ones you question. They might mean much to your freedom.

It also might be interesting to note that Chomsky's anarchism may have in common what all anarchism does: Once you achieve your aim of overthrowing the existing "structure"....the people who fill the power vacuum that results will be the first to come and get rid of the anarchists.

I've very glad I live in a system where there are enough checks and balances to prevent such idealists from controlling everything, especially Chomsky..
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