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Old 10-19-2010, 12:11 AM
chrisn chrisn is offline
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Default Re: So let's say I accept you premises, where does that get us?

"In essence she contributes nothing to the understanding or solution to the problem. She only seems to get the rest of society off the hook."

The problem is deeper than she realizes, and tying culture to ethnicity is one place where her logic leads her, as Glenn points out.

But, clearly, some policies don't work and become part of the problem, and have unintended consequences. I would add that teachers unions, politicians in bed with unions, top-down bureaucratic policies (both left and right and federal) can effectively stifle opportunity for kids who WANT to learn. Good intentions can also leave a fossilized hulk of a school behind. The people "off the hook" can also be right-thinking liberal types happily paying their tax dollars to fund schools that don't achieve their stated aims.

The basic libertarian right of freedom from violence, for example, is quite appropriate here (if anyone can provide that in a bad neighborhood or a 'hood school, it's ahead of the game).

So is economic liberty, when for whatever reasons (cultural or otherwise) the parents of a kid who is ready to learn must attend a shitty school, weighted down by the very same economic liberty that helped drive away anyone with money, talent, hope and dreams from the 'hood. His/her parents pay taxes, but get few results from the only public option available...tossed to the winds of local politics.

Like I said before, I appreciate Wax's honesty, but I don't think she gets the depth of it. Maybe her next step is to actually find a way to bypass all the social-scientists plans, the policy prescriptions, the culture-warriors, the holes where the ideals of equality and justice fail for the individual and lead right back to politics, self-interest, and...human nature (and human nature in rough circumstances).

The Wax School for Learning maybe, surviving on donors dollars and some sort of charitable designation.

Though of course, she's free to do as she pleases.
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