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Old 09-04-2010, 01:28 PM
Plinthy The Middling Plinthy The Middling is offline
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Default Re: Tiger and the over-the-hill at 34 myth

I detest York and barely am able to tolerate Althouse, but finding them talking about Franken and Woods as if they know something is really galling. I have no doubt the York comment on Franken is as calculated as anything else he says or writes publicly. Look at the setting up a complete sell-out like McConnell and the grandee of unprincipled self-serving fraudsters McCain as paragons of probity compared to Franken; ask yourself whether that makes them somehow better and more appropriate at being senators. It also would not surprise me in the least to learn that Franken treated York curtly or the majority of the Republican Senate Caucus with something bordering on contempt; neither deserve more.

Your point about how professional golfers age is, I think, generally accurate, but that does not appear to me to be what York was driving at: he was raising a speakeasy cheap line to the effect that the success of Woods might have some direct relationship to plentiful nasty sex with plenty of nasty women. Anyone can get away with this sort of thing, due the general view of Woods deserving some sort of punishment -- for getting caught living a lie. The problem is that with York the calculation is always there, and in this case its as nasty and cheap as the sex Woods sought out and no more humorous.

It may be worthwhile noting that after Woods won the US Open on a bum left knee in 1998, after he returned from surgery and rehab, he did not win any of the 4 majors he competed in before the incident with his SUV and the tree etc. It is quite possible that if had played just as well in 2010 as he did in 2009, he would not have won any this year either. Consider the differences:

1. Being a year older, which given his age and how long he has competed and competed hard, and with multiple injuries to his left knee, cannot reasonably mean a year better.
2. Another year worth of youngsters who have grown up with Woods being the image of the norm for what it takes to win at pro golf and majors means the context is that much harder.
3. Regardless whether he is still getting his daily dose of nasty sex (York cannot say he is not), we all know about it; and every time he tees up for a hole or tries to settle over a putt, he knows hundreds to thousands of pairs of eyes watching him in person and tens of millions of pairs of them via TV are thinking just that: we know. The ability to control self-consciousness is important to all public performance, particularly in golf. It will be amazing if he is able to overcome this.
4. He spent the whole year going through separation from his wife and kids, and now a divorce and an ongoing property settlement; ask anyone who has gone through that if it affected the rest of their lives.

On that last point, it is very hard to imagine anyone seeing the point of making this putt and then this putt and then this putt ad infinitum when your life has been upended (regardless of how much responsibility for that is your own). What would be weird, not to say inhuman, would be if all that had NO effect on his hugely publicly job performance.

In fall fairness to Bob Wright, he was a lot closer to when this was all fresher and we all were adjusting to it with efforts at humor, plus he actually focused on the topic in his piece in the Times. York, though, is just a hack and did what hacks do.
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