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Old 12-13-2009, 03:12 PM
joetheragman joetheragman is offline
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Default Re: Clash of the Civilized (Robert Wright & Christopher Hitchens)

Blueberry says:We will not be a civilized nation until we can look at our own crimes first:
1. The US has consistently invaded other nations with shaky justification for over a century.
2. The US had near genocidal policies in Vietnam and the UN's Oil for Food program killed over 500,000 Iraqi citizens. We backed Suharto in Indonesia. We also backed Saddam when he gassed the Kurds.
3. US proxy Israel continues to maintain an illegal nuclear arsenal.
4. The US has too many thuggish friends around the world to list here, but let's just start with the mujahadeen in Afghanistan.
So by Hitchen's criteria, the US has lost its legitimacy long ago. Neo-Conservatives like Hitchens are the just the newest incarnation of radical nationalism. [/B]

Joe: Blueberry, how about defeating the Nazis...how about the fact that the communism, to include the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Russians, the Pol Pot nightmare were a complete horror show of human rights that killed 100 million human beings outside or war..how about the fact that the Oil for Food program was administered by the UN...do you understand the fact that international law, if it is to be useful at all, will require sanctionsjust like national laws? Or are you stating that you dont believe in International law? Law requires sanctions and an enforcement capability that as Hitchens points out, is simply the US or ...who?
Reflexive anti Americanism does not take into account the alternative reality. China has done wonders in Tibet/Russia in Chechnya is lovely/And guess what, outside of the Brits in Sierra Leone, I dont see any other nation stepping up to stop major abuses of human rights>> but I could be wrong...do you know of any other country unilaterally or leading a group with the majority of money and troops to stop massive human rights abuses (Bosnia/Kosovo/Somalia?) Or Bush spending 15 Billion in Africa and saving a million or so lives from HIV and Malaria...

Radical Nationalism? How about reflexive anti Americanism....that is all I read with your post
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