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Old 01-13-2011, 01:27 AM
jummy jummy is offline
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Default Re: someone who takes charges of antisemitism seriously says...

So, first, they're not quite as sanguine about the term as you try to imply.
i implied no such thing.

Second, we note that the ADL, a pretty far-right group, and here, unsurprisingly, is using the same strawman as a lot of other conservatives.
interesting that the nation's foremost jewish civil rights group must be cast amongst the "enemy" in order to deal with the fact that they dispute your point of view.

Take off your victim cloak and open your ears, jummy.
not a victim, a fighter, bj.

Very few people on the left, and virtually no one of any significance, is "blam[ing] Sarah Palin" for directly causing the shooting, and the same goes for the part about accusations of her "being an accessory to murder."
the only honest description of this passage is that it is a lie.

...if you're going to post a comment in response to me, you'd do well to address what I have to say...
well, i addressed what you posted, which was to note the popularity of the offensively frivilous "palin is an antisemite because she said 'blood libel'" meme amongst progressives on twitter, and throughout i named my subject generically as "progressives". so i suppose you should practice reading more closely, lest you sound like an unreasonably hostile bonehead. be certain that if it's necessary for me to address you, i'll call you by name, bj.
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