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Old 01-13-2011, 01:00 AM
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Default Re: Loughner's friend interviewed

jason bermas was also a frequent guest on amy goodman's democracy now. you do know which side of the political spectrum amy goodman holds up, don't you?

her outfit even distributed copies of loose change as a fund-raising incentive one season.

btw, isn't there something in the title, "democracy now" that implies that democracy has been thwarted by ideological opponents, and, by the new rules put forth by progressives, this is to be interpreted as a veiled call to assassinate politicians?

You're mixing up types of truthers.
i see...

It's true that at the height of the Bush Dystopia,...
(more of that implied call to assassinate politicians)

...when dislike for him was at its most intense, a lot of Democrats said, and a lot even believed,...
many said, few believed. i see where you're getting that false attribution of hidden convictions thing i scolded you about before. you think your opponents are as ethically decrepit as your allies.

...that he knew about the attacks in advance.

That's not what people usually mean by "Truther," though.
i know of no other definition, but do go on.

The real truthers are the ones who think it was an inside job.
I.e., the attacks were planned and carried out by the old PNAC crowd.
i see the distinction between kinds of truthers. it doesn't work the way you're trying to work it. first, "bush knew" and "bush did" aren't so much different camps as they are minimal and maximal assertions of the same premise held in common by a single camp. the coinage of "truther" encompass the "bush knew" variety more verifiably and publicly than the "bush did" variety, it being the case that the "bush knew," minimal assertion is the one featured in the original document of the group from which the coinage is derived, "9-11 Truth". finally, "bush did it" was the version asserted by the progressive group, the "All Peoples' Coalition" who staged the first proto-truther rally. the maximal assertion, that "bush did" is as common on the left as it is amongst bircherites.

additionally, the truther idea in general is more common on the left, than it is on the right. the truther idea is more common by far amongst "mainstream" democrats than it is amongst republicans. and, for an extra kick in the ass, the truther idea is more common amonbgst democrats than the birther idea is amongst republicans.

by the way, what happened to all of those democrat truthers in the four years hense? did obama heal their schizophrenia?
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