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Old 01-12-2011, 11:01 PM
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Default Re: Loughner's friend interviewed

I might get around to it; I might not.
i doubt you will.

Like operative, you're trying to write people you don't like out of the conservative movement. But you don't get to do that.
actually, i did the opposite, writing, "for the purposes of whatever nonsense you have to say about zeitgeist, i'm willing to grant him the hypothetical position of emperor of all republicans."

however, operative suggests a fine point about how every citation of progressives' use of eliminationist rhetoric of hate has been met by you and other posters with attempts to write them out of the party and dismiss them from consideration. but you don't get to do that (wags finger).

Regarding the first question, all you have to do is watch the film.
"google it, okay?!"

i have watched the whole silly thing, and there is anti-monetarist nonsense in the latter part. all this means is that your argument seems to be of the variety of "hitler was a vegitarian, therefore vegitarians are nazis."

it's an unfortunate thing for the argument you're attempting, there is a distinct ideology surrounding the film and an official movement attached to it. does it resemble any sort of paleo-libertarianism, or even bircherism?

sadly, no.

Who can argue with such a movement? What we have never has worked for the benefit of society as a whole. How much longer can we really expect it to last? Isn't keeping our current system and expecting something different from what it's always given us insanity?
not even the new york times thinks so:

"The mission of the movement is the application of the scientific method for social change, Mr. Joseph announced by way of introduction. The evening, which began at 7 with a two-hour critique of monetary economics, became by midnight a utopian presentation of a money-free and computer-driven vision of the future, a wholesale reimagination of civilization, as if Karl Marx and Carl Sagan had hired John Lennon from his Imagine days to do no less than redesign the underlying structures of planetary life.
they are anti-monetarist, and ron paul is an anti-monetarist. and hitler was a vegitarian.* for you to support your contention, you have to demonstrate that paleo-libertarians draw anything from zeitgeist; anything which would support the idea that it's a well-received or influential text among the paleo-libertarian right.

and of course you can't, so i'll excuse you to attempt some feeble effort at responding to this post.

*also, i can't be the only one who remembers the time, back in the bush era, when progressives were eager to write ron paul into their own party, can i?

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