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Old 07-22-2011, 10:43 PM
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Default Kennedy's Health Issues

I don't think Michele Bachmann is qualified to be president in any case. All that aside, the subject of debilitating migraine headaches is NOT a personal issue between her and her doctor. If it could possibly interfere with her performance in office, it is fair game for discussion.

The case to look to is John F. Kennedy. I think Bill said JFK's health problems did not affect his performance. Wrong. They had a major impact on the national security of the United States. I agree with Tom Ricks assessment that Kennedy was the worst president of the 20th Century. Maybe he was not the worst, but he has by far the biggest gap between perception and reality.

How does his health come into play? The Vienna Summit with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev on June 4, 1961. Khrushchev came away with the impression that Kennedy was a lightweight that he could push around. Which led to the Cuban Missile crisis. Why did Khrushchev have this impression - because Kennedy was high as a kite:
Part of the reason for Kennedy’s rather poor performance may have been the combination of drugs he was taking for back pain and other ailments. Following the prescriptions of Max Jacobson (informally known as ‘Dr. Feelgood’), Kennedy was injecting himself with a drug cocktail that included hormones, steroids, animal organ cells, vitamins, enzymes, and amphetamines. Among the possible side effects were hyperactivity, nervousness, impaired judgment, and wild mood swings.
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