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Old 02-15-2011, 03:23 AM
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Default Re: Values Added: Euphoria in Cairo (Hisham Hellyer & Shadi Hamid)

when they bring up israel (they somehow always manage to do that) in the context what is happening in the middle east, it's not in positive terms. they blame israel for the US not supporting arab democracy quickly enough. all of them seem to be unanimous about this.
Perhaps they are unanimous because it's indisputably true that the US has sided with perverse regimes in the region to the extent that they would tolerate or enable the Israelis. The joint Egyptian-Israeli blockade of Gaza is a perfect example. It's analogous to what happened during the Cold War, where the USA was supportive of every goon and dictator in Latin America as long as they were vehemently anti-Communist. The Muslim Brotherhood of today plays the role of the Ché Guevaras of the 1960s.

That is not to say that the Brotherhood or the Marxist guerrilleros are a good thing. Nor is it to say that the US was directly responsible for Mubarak or Somoza. Nor is it even to say that US policy of dictator-love is cast in stone (Support for the fascistic right in Latin America waned under Carter and waxed under Reagan). But it is to say that everyone's arm in the Middle East gets twisted to support Zionist Occupation. We should not be shocked to find that legitimate voices for freedom throughout the region cry "Ouch!"
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